Sunday Outings

Sunday Outings


The school organizes outdoor trips for the students at least twice a year. Keeping in mind the need to relax and rejuvenate our body and mind, the school committee ensures the participation of all the students in these trips. The aim is to facilitate amicable exposure for the student which in turn contributes to a great learning experience. We ensure the students participate in various activities during these trips. It imbibes important soft skills in them such as Leadership Skills, Teamwork, Negotiation Skills, and Handling Emotional Situations etc.

The outdoor trips also focus on a simple and gadget-free lifestyle which brings back the focus to living in the most natural way. This way, the students are away from all the hazardous technological devices that they are otherwise exposed in their everyday lives.


  • Payment of fees
  • Readiness to conform to the rules and regulations governing the Boarding House.
  • Submission of a comprehensive medical report of fitness.