The School store caters to the basic requirements, all text books, stationery and students’ uniform and all related equipment.


The canteen provides sweets and snacks. Students are not allowed to purchase eatables on cash payment. They are issued coupons by their House Master/Warden which are used for this purpose.


Besides the three main meals the students are provided milk in the evening and night and fruit in the afternoon. A well balanced and nourishing diet for vegetarians and non vegetarians is provided. Extra diet can be provided to students on the advice of the Residence Medical Officer. Mess is most modern and hygienic.


To add a Roman Touch of ancient gladiatorial contest, the amphitheatre of the of the Academy provides ample scope to students for their overall development.


As an extra help to the parents, the School arranges as best convenient for it, the students travel to School at the beginning of the term, and from the School at the end of the term. Usually escorted parties are taken to Delhi, Luckhow, Allahabad, Patna, Ranchi, Guwahati and Kathmandu. It must be made clear that these arrangements are undertaken by the school as a voluntary assistance to the parents and not as an obligatory duty. Although all normal precautions are taken, the School or individual members of staff will not be responsible for any inconvenience, loss or damage on these trips. Travel arrangements by air can also be made. Requests for such arrangements must be received at the beginning of the term.

TRAVELING (School to Home/Home to School)

All the students travelling in organized School Parties escorted by Teachers, from School to home at the end of the Term/from home to School at the beginning of the Term, must observe the following rules.

  • They will travel in school uniform.
  • They will be responsible for their own luggage.
  • Students must follow the instruction of the Teacher-in-charge of the Party.
  • No student should detrain, get down from the bus without permission of his escort.
  • No student should leave the station or meander away from the party without the permission of the escorts.
  • They must not walk away with their parents/guardian without the permission of the escorts.
  • Students should not carry heavy luggage. They should travel light.


The Academy has a 5 bed Infirmary & has a Memorandum of Understanding with Fortis Hospital, Haldwani as under:

  • Experienced Doctors visit the Academy once a week.
  • A qualified Nurse remains in the Academy as a Resident Nurse.
  • A discount of 25% on all facilities available in their hospital will be given on all treatment, OPD and Medical/Dental Investigation bills of all the students/staff members.
  • No student should leave the station or meander away from the party without the permission of the escorts.
  • A discount @ 10% on purchase of medicines purchased from their hospital/Dispensary/Medical Store.