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“An Academy That Creates Winners”

In Order To Craft Winners One Has To Be More Than A Teacher……A Painter Who Creates A Masterpiece Out Of A Blank Canvas, A Sculptor Who Shapes And Moulds Pliable Minds; A Guide Who, With A Gentle Touch, Can Steer The Uninitiated In The Right Direction. These Are The Qualities That Define Us.

The teachers at Templeton Academy International have great responsibility; they are selected keeping their depth of educational and specialized knowledge, creative flexibility and their willingness to contribute in too. Teacher pupil ratio is 1:10; this ensures physical, intellectual, moral and emotional development of students in their formative years.

Discipline does not destroy freedom and autonomy. Freedom and responsibility have to be learnt slowly and freely accepted, in an atmosphere in which students exercise judgement and make free choices about matters appropriate to their age and level of understanding. Student’s mistakes are tolerated as part of the process of growing, but repeated misbehaviour which destroys the spirit of school and hinders other students from peacefully growing, is not tolerated, even if this causes pain to the parents of the un co-operative students.